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JLT & Associates Inc. is a leading Manufacturer Representative that develops profitable relationships with our customers by providing electronic solutions in a variety of industry segments across Canada.

We match our customers with a high quality selection of electronic products and solutions leading to a faster time to market.

With our expert team of sales driven Rep’s our Customers profit from our industry specific knowledge; technical expertise and cost saving logistics management.

Established in 1997, we serve these customers from field offices across the country. Today, our portfolio includes a broad range of new & leading technology, niche and commodity products that address the needs of all major industry segments in the Canadian market.

Quick facts about JLT:

  • A Successful Manufacturer Representative since 1997
  • Corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada
  • JLT & Associates Inc. has become one of the leading IP & E organizations in the Canada
  • Focus on Power, Inter connect and Passive Products
  • Strong Canada-wide Sales and Customer Service coverage
  • Solid history of business expansion and sales growth
  • Extensive Distributor channel partner relationship team
  • Balance of established products and new disruptive product technologies

We endeavour to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery and service as we build long-term relationships based on exceptional customer satisfaction.

Learn more about JLT by sending us an email at, or giving us a call at 1-416-207-9877 . We’d value connecting with you and answering any questions you may have.