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JLT partners with Manufacturers that are leaders in their respective industries.

  • We retain professional salespeople and position them close to our customers.
  • We work with Design Engineers early in the design phase to introduce them to our Principal’s Leading Technology.
  • We work with Purchasing and Commodity Management to ensure optimum “total delivered price” before placing orders.
  • We establish ongoing relationships with Quality personnel and Manufacturing Engineers after the sale to ensure total satisfaction.
  • We work with our Principals as a Customer to help them be “first to market” with new and innovative ideas.

We are renowned for the array of sophisticated products and solutions we offer. Over the years, we have enhanced our product offering through a careful selection process. Today, we represent leading silicon and electronic solutions companies providing products targeted at key Canadian market segments:

  • AV and Broadcast
  • Industrial
  • IOT Wearables
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Network/Telecom/Mobile
  • Transportation