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Cinch Connectivity Solutions is a supplier of highly sophisticated electrical interconnects.Mil/ Aero circular and rectangular connectors and cable assemblies, expanded beam fiber optic connectors and assemblies, hermetic connectors, RF Connectors, Cin::APSE connectors, D-Sub and Barrier blocks.

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Is the world leading audio solutions provider committed to maximizing customer designs by helping solve eng. design challenges. With over 40 years of experience resulting in a array of innovative & comprehensive technical solutions of acoustic components. DB Unlimited provides world-class audio solutions ranging from simple indicators, transducers, and speakers to the latest MEMS technology.

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NetPower is a global technology leader in board mounted power (BMP) modules. High performance DC/DC converter supplier. Provides isolated and non-isolated point-of-load (POL) DC/DC custom converters in standard packages

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Excelsys is a leading power supply manufacturer & designer of high power density, high efficiency ‘mission critical’ electronic power supplies for a variety of specialist markets including Industrial, Medical, Lighting, Communications & Military for the Industrial, Medical, Communications, Lighting and Military markets. 

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Leading global manufacturer & worldwide supplier of a broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, computer, industrial & medical markets High speed backplane,10GBit/s, Hard Metric, Advanced TCA, CompactPCI, Canbus, board to cable/board. Your Manufacturer for Connectors & Connector Components for Automotive, Industry, Transport, LED, Medical.

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Leader in enhancement mode Gallium Nitride (eGaN®) FETs. Serving Markets such as Servers, wireless power transmission, & RF transmission. Their GaN-on-silicon transistors can be used for a variety of applications in servers, netbooks, cell phones, and ba..

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Bulgin is a manufacturer of quality waterproof connectors, including Buccaneer IP68 rated waterproof circular connectors Arcolectric specializes in the manufacture and distribution of approved switches, indicator lights, fuse...

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Global leader in power supplies and power adapters for OEMs including LED drivers, Battery chargers, PoE midspans and Electronic ballasts, AC adapters. LED drivers ·

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ALPS is recognized as a Global Technology Innovator. Core focus areas are Human Machine Interface, Sensing, Connectivity and Green devices. Precise Force sensors, compact digital humidity sensors, & ultra miniature Bluetooth®

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Lite-On SSD provides both Enterpise & Client grade SATA & PCIe SSD modules along with Consumer 2.5”, M.2 & mSATA products. Solutions for Medical, Gaming, Digital Signage or Industrial applications. Global Wear-Leveling, Bad Block management algorithms, built-in ECC error correction

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Gowanda is a leading manufacturer of board-level magnetic inductive components for the OEM electronics marketplace. Extensive product line includes axial-lead & surface mount RF and power inductors, chip coils, conicals, lead and lead-free designs, pot cores, qualified product list (QPL) components.

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Manufacturer of deep-drawn and fabricated aluminum and molded plastic cases, enclosures and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial, medical, oil and gas, logistics, electronics and telecommunications markets. ZERO's real product is protection - ensuring the safe transport and viability of valuable equipment and electronics

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MPS delivers highly integrated monolithic products that offer energy efficient and cost-effective solutions: DC/DC converters, LED drivers, Class-D audio amplifiers, battery chargers, USB, current-limit switches & AC/DC offline products

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Manufacturer of Diodes; Zener Diodes, Surface Mount Rectifier, Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip, Glass Passivated Junction Rectifier, Junction Rectifier, Schottky Barrier & Bridge Rectifier, Transient Volgate Suppressor, semiconductors & related products

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Manufacturer of Optoelectronic components including SMD, LED lamps; LED Displays, infrared LED's, Photo detectors, Opto switches and Opto Couplers

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Si Time provides robust silicon MEMS-based oscillators and clock generators. This breakthrough solution has overcome the limitations of quartz technology and completely eliminate quartz timing devices