After partnering with Industry leading Manufacturing Companies, we get to work.

Our commitment to customer relationships, innovation and value added strategies and services translates into design wins and growing revenue for our Principal Manufacturers, and reduced costs and time to market, as well as quality products for our customers.


  • Our dedicated distribution team’s relationships with Customers, Distributors, Design engineers and OEMs across markets enables identification of early stage Opportunity Development and Design Wins for Principles.
  • We ensure revenue success for our Principals by using our exclusive Market Intelligence to Inform and target customers with custom relationship and product strategies.
  • We have superior sales teams and customer service processes, and we continue to advance through regular training and process improvements.
  • We continuously improve our Technical Excellence which we combine with our evolving Knowledge of Industry Innovations to serve our customers better.
  • We organize and participate in regular education and events with customers Engagement & Education to retain and grow our Customer Base.
  • We boast a Deep Customer Account Coverage allowing us to identify multiple opportunities for principals due to associative selling and long term relationships.
  • If you’d like to partner with us or and boost your revenue or reduce time to market, or even just ask us a few questions, give us a call 1-416-207-9877 or send us an email at We value the opportunity to connect with you and answer your questions.