Who We Are

We are sales, technical and customer relationship experts. We provide customers with the electronic solutions they need to make it to market quickly, as well as the value-added services we specialize in such as logistics, technical design and market development. We make the whole experience seamless with our customer service.

We partner with Manufacturers who are technology leaders. Our Principals’ innovative products and our services allow Canadian customers to quickly produce quality electronic products for a variety of uses. If you’re a leader in your industry and would like to learn more about us, give us a call at 1-(416)-207-9877.

Trust. Innovation. Customer Satisfaction.

What We Believe

Trust is the foundation of the partnerships between our Customers, our Manufacturers and JLT & Associates. We adhere to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character, and honesty.

Innovation is the centerpiece that unites us with our Principals and Customers. We are all wholeheartedly invested in utilizing innovative parts for disruptive and productivity boosting electronics products and solutions.

We enjoy working with people and companies who share our values of strong relationships and innovation. If you share these values, please send us an email at sales@jlt.net or give us a call at 1-(416)-207-9877.

We keep our Principals and Customers working together in the long run through our customer service and valued relationships. We listen to our Customers’ and Principals needs and deliver a solution that satisfies all parties. We believe customer service and professionalism is quality character. We professionally represent our specialized skills and the Principals we work for with customers every day.